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Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Blankets


Organic products are in great demand all over the world. One such trend that is witnessing a surge is the use of organic cotton baby blankets. You know how babies have sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and allergies. Therefore, it is important to choose baby clothes that are soft and smooth. Even when it comes to organic swaddle blankets for your baby, the choice between organic cotton blankets and non-organic ones can make a huge difference. 

So, let’s dig into the science of organic cotton baby blankets and understand the benefits of using one for your baby.

Types of blankets for babies

While looking for a blanket for your baby, you need to find out the best option in the market. Here are some types of blankets you will find. 


Muslin is a breathable fabric that is perfect for a swaddle blanket. It stretches and allows the baby to move comfortably while sleeping. Moreover, it allows proper air circulation, which will ensure that your baby doesn’t get too warm. In fact, a muslin blanket is perfect for a stroller cover when the weather outside is warm. However, it isn’t a perfect choice if you stay in a place that is relatively cold during winters. 


When it comes to blankets for babies, cotton is an ideal choice. Not only is it soft to touch, but it is also durable and easy to wash. Even though cotton blankets are lightweight, they add optimum warmth to a baby’s crib. Due to the versatile nature, cotton blankets come in a wide variety of ranges. Above all, these easily fit in the budget and are a perfect choice for different occasions. 

Whether you are looking for a blanket that keeps your baby warm or need a lightweight cover, cotton is the right choice.  


If the place you live in has a cold climate, a woolen blanket will keep your baby warm and cozy. While wool is heavier than cotton, it is also breathable and water-resistant. The insulation provided by woolen blankets enhances its function even more. 

Organic cotton baby blankets

Baby blankets made from organic cotton are an eco-friendly option. It is grown without the use of pesticides, which makes it even better for the environment. Organic cotton baby blankets are made with safe ISO-free dyes. It makes it an excellent choice for babies with sensitive skin. 

Now you know that there are different types of blankets for a baby. Each one has its pros and cons and fits perfectly well for a certain situation. However, in this article, I will majorly talk about organic cotton baby blankets. Let’s find more about this amazing product!

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is obtained from plants that are not modified genetically. On top of that, the farming techniques while growing organic cotton do not affect the environment adversely. It is mainly because this crop doesn’t make use of any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Even while harvesting, defoliants make the work a lot easier. 

After harvesting, organic cotton isn’t treated with chlorine bleach. Instead, the cultivators make use of peroxides. 

Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Blankets

As you already know what organic cotton baby blankets are, it’s time to learn about their benefits. Read along!

Soft on the touch

Organic cotton baby blankets are quite soft when compared to other cotton blankets and hence act as a smooth cover for your baby. You can feel the difference between a blanket made of organic cotton and one made of traditional cotton. Just rub your hand on the fabric, and you will know! Well, the more the softness, the better it would be for the skin of your baby. 

No rashes or irritation

You’ll agree with the fact that babies have sensitive skin. Using a non-organic cotton swaddle blanket for your baby may result in rashes on the skin. As organic cotton is free from chemicals and pesticides, it is best suited for the soft skin of your baby. There are times when even us adults feel some sort of irritation due to the fabric of the cloth. The same can happen to babies, but in this case, they cannot even tell you the problem or the source of the irritation.

It is eco-friendly

The products produced organically are healthier for the environment. This helps reduce the number of chemicals introduced into the environment. The same goes for organic cotton. The farmers use techniques like manual weed removal and crop rotation to protect the crops. This benefits the environment by minimizing the flow of pesticides that can reach groundwater supplies. In fact, it can also damage the habitat of various flora and fauna species. While manufacturing organic blankets, a company ensures safe production and growth of the crop. Moreover, the employees aren’t exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals and enjoy a healthy work environment.  

It is more durable

Unlike traditional cotton, organic cotton is more durable. It can overcome more than a hundred washes without breaking down. It means that you will be able to make the most of organic products and use them for a longer stretch of time. 

Since you will be able to make more use of organic cotton products, it will give you a better value for money. 

It is biodegradable

Cotton is a plant, and this makes it biodegradable. However, it doesn’t mean that the products made from traditional cotton will help the environment. With traditional cotton, the chemicals used to treat or manufacture a product goes back to the earth. It can cause major damage to local habitat since birds and animals can end up digesting the toxin. 

When we talk about organic cotton, it is not treated with harmful chemicals. While breaking down, it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. 

Buying guide for organic cotton baby blankets

Generally, you wouldn’t know the difference between organic cotton and traditional cotton. Therefore, while buying products that feature organic cotton, it is essential to take note of a few things. Take a look. 

Look for a tag that says ‘certified organic’

Whether it is an organic cotton blanket or an organic toy, the product must comply with the requirements of a certifying company. It shouldn’t feature harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach or formaldehyde. While processing, the product must adhere to a certain method of water waste discharge.  

Organic products are not bright and flashy

The color of a product denotes if it features organic material or not. Yes, you heard me! Organic dye options are quite limited. It is the reason why most organic cotton clothing items and blankets are not available in different ranges of colors. Also, these colors aren’t bright or flashy. So, while looking for organic products, pay special attention to the color. 

These products are not very pricey

While buying a product made from organic material, especially cotton, make sure that the price isn’t that high. If the cost seems to be too high, it may be possible that the product isn’t organic. Look for a good deal that isn’t too hard on your pocket. 

Research properly

Since you are switching to organic cotton products because of the benefits, I suggest you research properly. The safety of your child should be on top of your priority list. So, do not settle for anything that doesn’t blow your mind (positively).

Where to buy the best organic cotton baby blankets? 

From the above discussion, it must be clear that organic cotton blankets are a great choice for a sustainable future. These are also great for your baby’s health as they do not feature chemical dyes or other harmful substances. In fact, right from sowing the seeds to harvesting the plant, each step is organic and chemical-free. Therefore, this makes the end result more healthy. 

If you are looking for a perfect place to buy organic blankets for your baby, I have a suggestion – Ecomeego.com! At Ecomeego, you will find some of the top organic blankets for your baby. In fact, the Thin Pink Stripe Swaddle Blanket is the perfect fit if buying an organic cotton swaddle blanket is on your mind. It is lightweight, breathable, and features 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Moreover, this blanket is ultra-soft and will provide maximum comfort to your little baby! 

What makes it the ideal choice is that it comes with the certification of the Global Organic Textile Standard. There are zero azo-colorants, and it doesn’t feature BPA, formaldehyde, fragrance, and lead. I hope my suggestion makes your baby feel like it is sleeping in a ball of cotton!

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