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Best Cotton & Linen Organic Products for Your Home

Organic Products


Did you know that by 2025, the organic bedding market’s worth will be around $1.1 billion! The rise is due to the awareness amongst people regarding the benefits of organic products

Organic products feature plants that generally grow in the soil that doesn’t contain harmful material. These materials include synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that can be harmful to both humans and the environment. In recent years, hundreds and thousands of people have become more aware of the harm these materials cause to our planet. And this has lead to increased use of organic products at home. You will find them in the kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of the house as well. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that organic bedding has become quite popular with people looking for a better night’s sleep. There are plenty of eco-friendly bedding options in the market which are comfortable enough to use for deep sleep. 

These feature fabrics that have antibacterial properties and are easy to recycle. Moreover, they use less water and don’t include harmful additives like microplastics. The harmful additives end up in water bodies and the soil and finally make way inside our bodies, causing trouble. 

To ensure that your house is a haven of eco-friendly products, I have come up with some must-have organic products! Yes, these products are made by keeping your health and nature in mind. You can buy them from Fig Linens And Home, a platform that encourages people to buy organic products. 

From your bathroom to your bedroom, they have every solution to make your home a better place. Read along to find the products that I recommend the most!

Best organic products for you to buy

Now that you know how organic products make a huge difference in protecting the earth from harmful materials, let’s move on to the other part. Here are the best organic products for you to buy for your bedroom/bathroom. Trust me; once you start buying organic products, there is no going back!

1) Organic cotton mattress pad

A mattress pad is also known as a mattress topper. It is one of the most underrated bedding items. Even though it comes with various benefits and has multiple uses, people often overlook it while shopping for bedroom items. A mattress pad protects the mattress along with providing an extra layer of softness. In addition to that, it also keeps the bedsheets in their place and prevents them from slipping. 

If you are searching for an organic mattress topper, here is an excellent option for you. This super comfy mattress pad helps you attain a clean bedroom within seconds. Since it is made from 100% organic cotton, you can rely on it for superior breathability. Moreover, it features a 15-inch pocket that makes it easy to fit around a plush mattress. 

Apart from that, this organic mattress topper is certified by GOTS and doesn’t feature any chemical. Therefore, adding it to your bedroom will only help you contribute to a greener environment. 

2) Organic linen bedding

Are you looking for an organic linen bedding? I got you covered! 

Take a look at this Chambray bedding by Coyuchi. It consists of organic French flax. Well, the best thing about flax is that it doesn’t require fertilizers and is 100% biodegradable. Moreover, the linen will keep you all cool during hot summer nights and add warmth when it is cold outside. 

The dye used in this organic bedding set features low-impact colors that are kind to the plant and sensitive for the skin. Its weave is textured in a way that creates tiny pockets, which keeps it super light even if you drape it around while sleeping. The set is available in three different that match the vibe of any bedroom. Trust me; you won’t regret this purchase!

3) Organic throw

If you ask me about my favorite bedding, it would be a throw blanket! Since it is usually smaller than a regular blanket, you can easily drape it around yourself and make yourself comfortable in a chair or a couch. You will find them in different materials, and one such material is organic cotton. 

Well, an organic throw blanket not only contributes to an eco-friendly planet, but it also prevents allergies due to its properties. The Cirrus Midnight throw is undoubtedly one of the best choices if organic throws are your thing. It features an ultra-soft weave and is lightweight for the utmost comfort. You can keep it on your bed throughout the year to enjoy a quality me-time whenever and wherever. 

This throw blanket is available in a dainty blue-white check, which makes it a perfect addition to any decor. While taking care of the throw, remember to wash it on a gentle setting, so it doesn’t lose its grace with time. 

4) Organic shower curtain

Shower curtains attract mold and mildew very quickly. The main reason behind this is that the curtains remain wet most of the time, which gives fungus the perfect hotspot to grow. Apart from that, the regular vinyl shower curtains release chemical vapors which cause severe health issues. So, you might want to try an alternative – organic shower curtains! 

Organic shower curtains provide resistance to grime, mold, and mildew since they have water-repelling properties. One of the best products that you must consider buying is the Fog Waffle Organic Shower Curtain. It is made up of Turkish cotton and has a lovely weave that keeps it light as a feather. It features a pretty off-grey color that goes well with any type of bathroom interiors. 

Besides, this modern monochrome shower curtain also holds a certification from GOTS. Wash it using a fabric softener to prevent any type of damage. You can also use a warm iron to straighten the creases after the wash if required. 

5) Organic cotton comforter

Here is another must-have for your bedding – an organic cotton comforter. Comforters are fluffy blankets that are used to keep you warm. Usually, these are filled with synthetic fibers like wool or feather. But here I have a much better option for you – a comforter made from 100% organic cotton. 

The production of organic cotton does not mess up the biodiversity. It contributes less to the effects of global warming and reduces acidification. Moreover, it is super beneficial for people who have allergies and cannot deal with even mild chemicals. 

Therefore, Cocyuchi brings to you the one of a kind organic cotton comforter which is lightweight. However, its weight doesn’t have any effect on the warmth that it provides. You can choose from different color options and make your room look dreamy. It also features a box-stitching finishing, which enhances its beauty even more. 

Place a blanket on the top and make the most of this cozy piece of bedding during the cold chilly nights!

6) Organic blanket

An organic blanket is yet another blessing that can be added to your bedding to make it more comfortable. The Cascade Organic Metalasse Blanket by Coyuchi is made by ecologically responsible practices. Not only it contains 95% organic fiber, but it is also free of harsh chemicals. This makes it absolutely ideal for those who want to contribute to mother nature. 

With plenty of color options, the blanket also features an allover stitch texture. The blanket is extremely soft, making you feel like you are sleeping under a layer of cloud. Moreover, it comes with a coverlet, which makes it easy to store this blanket. 

Now it is your turn to switch to organic products

Organic products are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays due to the innumerable benefits they bring with them. Since inorganic products are likely to put us and our environment in danger, there is no wonder why people are now switching to organic products. 

This article features some of my favorite and recommended organic products. Make a purchase here and contribute to a better future right away!

If you have any thoughts you want to share, please leave them in the comments below. Enjoy your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

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