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Food Wraps Battle. Beeswax or Plastic food Wraps?

Beeswax food wrap


No matter what brands are trying to convince you about plastic food wraps, they are very harmful to you and your family’s health.

Some so-called “experts” say that if you follow some rules, plastic food wraps should not have risks. However, those rules are mainly to avoid plastic to touch food in the oven or microwave.

And also, you will have to avoid wrapping meat and cheese with plastic wraps as they easily absorb bad chemicals that leach into them. And I will not confuse you here with complicated terms that you hear and see everywhere. But an example is BPA. You know this term because you look for BPA-Free labels when you try to buy food containers or toys for your children.

Moreover, plastic wraps are not biodegradable, and they add waste to landfills and the ocean. This increases the environmental issues that are already too much.

I understand that you have to preserve food at home or during grocery shopping. But why should you rely on plastic food wraps while we have many healthy and eco-friendly alternatives? And the direct alternative is Beeswax Food Wraps.

In this blog post, I will briefly talk about this eco-friendly solution, so that you can make your decision to switch to beeswax food wraps based on enough knowledge. Let’s begin with a simple definition.

What is Beeswax Food Wrap?

BeeswaxIt is simply a type of food wrap made mostly of cotton and natural oils added to it. It can wrap food, cups, or bowls – for example – easily. And they are reusable and sustainable.

Beeswax is just wax made by worker bees. These bees have wax producing glands inside them. And they extract this wax in the hive to collect and use it to build the hive cells that store honey.

Beeswax other than making food wraps is used for other beneficial things. This is including but not limited to candles that are cleaner and brighter than other wax candles.

How can you make beeswax food wraps?

You can always order beeswax food wraps from Amazon. However, they are easy to make at home as well. The instructions here are to show you a brief on how you can also make them. And this is not a how-to guide or an exact recipe.

Beeswax bar
Beeswax Bars

First, you just need some pieces of 100% natural cotton fabric. If you have cotton fabric that is not shaped into pieces, you can cut it into 14” by 14” square pieces. You also need a beeswax candle or bar. Some tree resins and jojoba oil or coconut oil for better results but they aren’t a must.

Put the cotton pieces on a baking sheet. Preheat your oven before putting the cotton pieces in it, to an average temperature of 170° F. Spread the pieces of beeswax on the cotton fabric. Make a thin layer of beeswax, don’t put in too much. Put in the oven and wait until the wax melts. Normally it takes about 10 minutes.

Once they complete the melting process, remove the food wraps quickly off the baking sheets to avoid getting them stuck on it.

And to clean the beeswax food wraps after use, just rinse them in neutral water, not hot water, and rub them gently to remove any stains.

You can always get the beeswax food wrap to the original state if you repeat the above process. You can do this easily when they start to lose their functionalities and get dry.

The benefits of Beeswax Food Wraps?

Beeswax food wraps benefitsThere are many benefits to beeswax food wraps. First, they reduce plastic and food waste at the same time. They are natural and healthy because they consist only of totally natural materials.

Plastic pollution and food waste are serious issues that I mentioned a lot on this blog. Using these beeswax food wraps solve the two issues with one solution.

Beeswax has antimicrobial effects that reduce and constrain the food-borne bacteria. These harmful bacteria cause food contamination and poisoning. Accordingly, food wraps infused in beeswax can keep fresh food longer and naturally without adding chemicals.

Also, they are easy to clean, revive, and reuse for other purposes like a kitchen cloth if you want. And if a beeswax food wrap reaches the end of its useful life, and you can not use it for any purpose, you can just compost it easily and never worry about harming the environment.

What do real customers say about this type of eco-friendly products?

You can use beeswax food wraps to wrap sandwiches. And you can also use them with other types of food in a picnic, at the office, or in the kids’ lunch boxes.

They are the best eco-friendly and healthy alternative to plastic food wraps. However, there are some positives and negatives.

On the positive side, lots of customers praise these food wraps for their antimicrobial effects, and that they keep food fresh for a longer time than plastic wraps. They also confirm that they are easy to clean and reuse. They come in colorful prints and cute designs. And help them get rid of plastic food wraps and contribute to saving the environment.

What about negatives reviews?

On the negative side, some customers complain that they are not very air-tight. They have a honey smell “which is nice, I love honey”. And that they are not easy to wash as reported by some other customers.

In some reviews, customers didn’t like that they get some wax on their hands. Actually, it is made of natural beeswax and you should expect some wax. And some customers complained that it is very sticky, while others said it is not sticky enough.

And we can’t ignore that there are some reviews saying that the price is high compared to value. But we can comment on that easily. The health of your family and yourself. And protecting our planet is priceless. If you get these food wraps because they look cool, no problem. But if you really care about your family and the environment, you will find that they are so inexpensive compared to putting money into harmful stuff.

However, you need to make sure you are getting these beeswax food wraps from trusted sellers with good reviews. And please follow the instructions to be able to clean them easily and safely.

Are you going to try them?

Now, that you know the risks of using plastic food wraps. And that beeswax wraps are very natural and affordable. You can buy them cheaply on Amazon, or make them yourself easily. You know some of the many benefits of using them.

Are you still going to use plastic wraps? Or you are considering switching today to beeswax wraps?

I know that plastic food wraps are widely popular. And that they serve purposes that beeswax food wraps can not so far. But, can’t you even use them to wrap sandwiches for your kids or to cover plates and bowls? I believe you can and you will give them a try.

However, I will need to know your thoughts as well in the comments below. Enjoy your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

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