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Joe Biden, climate change, and the environment


Joe Biden has various plans just waiting for him to start his tenure as a president. His agenda is clear – to build a nation that not only grows for the people but with the people. It also means that Joe Biden will take a stand on climate change and ensure to implement better plans. 

While Trump has mocked people’s concern over climate change, Biden ensures them that each problem will be tackled proficiently. Since the beginning of his campaign, Biden has planned to take immediate action regarding rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. He has been planning to help the country achieve a wider economy for the people’s greater good by the year 2050. 

Besides, Joe Biden and his idea to deal with climate change also include a plan to invest an amount of $2 trillion in clean energy and infrastructure. Furthermore, it will create numerous high-paying jobs and help the economy as well. 

Joe Biden knows that it is time to address the crisis of climate change. For the same reason, he has stated that he will jump right into the action from day one. While we can only hope that Joe stands up to his words, let me take you through some of the plans of the president-elect. 

But first, take a look at the effects and causes of climate change.

Effects of climate change on the environment

If you ask how climate change affects the environment, the answer is in this section. 

There are various effects of climate change on our environment. As you may have already noticed, the planet is getting warmer day by day. Even the regions that were once considered coldest are witnessing a change in the temperature. 

In addition to that, the ice caps are melting, and the already warm areas are facing issues like droughts and wildfires. Insect outbreaks, a decrease in water supply, flooding, and erosion are also some examples of climate change. 

The reason behind these changes is the excessive burning of fossil fuels and cutting down forests. In addition to that, the enormous amount of greenhouse gases is also one reason why our planet is witnessing climate change. 

Joe Biden and the Climate Change Plan

Joe Biden successfully defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 U.S. presidential elections. The results witnessed a mixed reaction from the people. While some are delighted to witness a historic moment, others may have their doubts. 

Biden will take the president’s responsibility in January 2021 but already has a few plans related to the development of the country. In addition to that, Biden has made it clear that his presidency will ensure that climate change effects are tackled with utmost dedication. 

Take a look at some of his agendas below. 

Joe Biden will spread worldwide awareness regarding climate change 

The president-elect states that he would, first of all, commit back the U.S. to the Paris Agreement on climate change. While Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw the United States from this agreement, Biden has decided to revamp his decision. 

In addition to that, he also says that we would integrate climate change initiatives into foreign policies as well. These strategies will also be integrated into national security and trade. 

Biden also intends to order a world climate summit to join the country with other carbon-emitting nations to reduce the emissions. Apart from that, he intends to create an international agreement to reduce global shipping and aviation emission. 

As soon as Biden takes the presidency, he would also demand a ban on fossil-fuel subsidies throughout the world. It includes China from subsidizing coal exports. Not only that, but Biden also states that he would cut the fossil-fuel subsidies in the States during his first year. The money saved will be further invested in clean energy infrastructure. 

He plans to build a more resilient nation

Joe plans to make the country’s infrastructure smart and rebuild the building, transportation, water, and energy infrastructure. It will eventually help these sectors withstand the impact of climate change in the coming future. 

Biden would also develop new building and zoning codes so that the communities adapt to the change in the climate. He will work hand-in-hand with the insurance sector to lower the property insurance costs to help communities stand against the damage by storms, wildfires, and other calamities. 

In addition to that, he plans to rebuild the American railroad system so that the country has a safe, clean, and fast rail system. This project is proposed to be the second great railroad revolution. 

Biden will make sure that the U.S. achieves a 100% clean-energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions by 2050

Biden says that he would sign orders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the help of new fuel economy standards. The result of this will be 100% electrically powered light and medium vehicles. Besides, the heavier vehicles will continue to move in the same direction.  

The government will also commence the development of 100% clean energy and zero-emissions vehicles. He has also planned to limit the production of methane to prevent the drastic effects of environmental change. 

Apart from that, Biden will be establishing fresh appliances and building standards for consumers to make way for climate-ready facilities. These will also help to save the various sources of energy efficiently. 

His administration will try to protect vulnerable communities from the abuse of power

Biden says that he will work to protect vulnerable communities from those in power. These include fossil-fuel companies that intentionally harm the environment and put people at risk. 

His plan is to direct the Environmental Protection Agency along with the Justice Department to be more strict against anti-pollution cases. In addition to that, his administration will also put people accountable for their actions, which includes jail time. Biden promises to provide safe drinking water for all communities, with water infrastructure being a top priority. 

Biden’s administration plans to address the impact to clean energy on jobs related to the coal mining industry. Besides, they also promise to help the people/workers involved in such industries. 

Bide will also power those communities who have been a driving force in the economic growth

Biden’s policies majorly incline towards those in industries like coal mining and power plants. He wants to partner with these communities and help them land into middle-class jobs that pay them well. Other than that, he ensures that the people belonging to these communities will receive a pension as well as other health benefits. Biden plans to bring retirement benefits to miners and the people dependent on them. 

His policies urge the coal companies to increase the payment of the miners and help them get black lung benefits, which were denied initially. This plan to invest in clean energy research and innovation will cost around $400 billion over ten years. However, this investment will enable the administration to develop technological breakthroughs creating various jobs. In addition to that, it will also help reduce emissions. 


Biden has planned to take various steps towards making the United States a better country to live in. But, his main concern is climate change, which he plans to tackle right from the beginning of his tenure.  

Biden will sign an order to conserve around 30% of the land and water of the United States by 2030. Besides, he will also protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling. He has declared climate change as the number one issue faced by humanity and has ensured that the nation will transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Furthermore, it will help him create millions of new jobs all over the country. 

Biden’s administration would also address other nations of the world and persuade them to take action on the carbon emissions in their industries. These countries include China, which is the largest source of global carbon dioxide emission. 

Biden’s political campaigns have mostly run on climate change. He mentioned climate change in three of the debates, which were completely opposite to the current political scenarios in the States. He also plans to reenter the Paris Climate Agreement, a pact that has around two-hundred nations associated with it. This agreement is there to help the countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid them from getting hit by the impact of global climate change

While Joe Biden’s climate change policies seem to have a great future ahead, we can only hope that he implements them as soon as possible. 

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