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Organic Egyptian Cotton: History and benefits


Cotton is the most extensively used fabric all around the world. Nearly half of the population on this planet uses it in the form of various utilitarian products. In fact, cotton production employs around 7% of all labor in developing countries. So, you can see it’s importance in providing income to various households. Unlike regular cotton, which is available on a large scale everywhere around the world, there is a special variant that has its roots in Egypt. This soft and opulent fabric is none other than Organic Egyptian Cotton. 

As someone who loves using organic products, I wanted to share my thoughts on this amazing fabric. The following blog will make you aware of the history of organic Egyptian cotton along with its various benefits. Let’s get started!

The history of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton came to the limelight somewhere near the 1820s. It was first cultivated by Louis Jamel. Jamel was a Freshman who lived in the Capital of Egypt, Cairo, and dealt with the trading of French cotton. 

He discovered some cotton plants in a local garden, and after several attempts, he developed a new variety – Mako. This soft and super strong fabric was then presented to the Egyptian head of the state, who later put Jamel in charge of the whole cotton plantation. 

With Mako cotton, Egypt’s cotton industry continued to grow. It was known for its durability, softness, and strength that started drawing attention from other parts of the world. Egypt started forming connections with Europe’s textile industry, which proved to be beneficial for the whole country. While Egyptian cotton grew under specific climate conditions in Egypt, it started to get cultivated in other parts of the world that had similar climatic conditions. 

Talking about organic Egyptian cotton, farmers grow this fabric without using harmful chemicals and non-GMO seeds. In fact, the farming practices are also environment friendly, and the end product is great for use. 

Why should you switch to organic Egyptian cotton?

The ultimate blend of comfort and luxury, this variety of cotton stands out from the crowd due to several reasons. Not only do the products made from this fabric look aesthetic, but they also bring maximum comfort into your life. Mentioned below are all the reasons why switching to organic Egyptian cotton is the best option.

Organic Egyptian cotton features long staples.

The term staple describes the length of the cotton fiber. When we talk about long staples, it indicates that the fibers are durable and the thread is stronger. The fibers of organic Egyptian cotton are longer than other varieties of cotton fabric. These are perfect for making bedsheets and also look more lustrous than regular cotton sheets.

It has a high thread count.

This fabric features a high thread count. Now, if you are not familiar with this term, let me explain in detail. Thread count is the total number of threads that are woven together to form a single square inch of a product. You can also determine the thread count by adding the total warps (lengthwise threads) and wefts (width-wise threads).

While talking about the thread count of Egyptian cotton, it is higher as compared to other fabrics. It is primarily because it features long staples. 

It is durable.

Organic Egyptian cotton is more durable than other alternatives in the market.

The products featuring this fabric have a tighter weave, which makes sure that they last for a longer period. However, it is essential to maintain them properly, or else the dirt will break down the fibers and make them look old and shabby.

Farmers produce it through environment-friendly measures.

Traditional cotton requires the use of toxic chemicals for growing and harvesting. On the other hand, organic Egyptian cotton is grown and harvested without the use of these chemicals, which include pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides. The farmers remove weeds and pests manually, which not only keeps the soil healthy but also reduces the effects of global warming

The clothes featuring this cotton are breathable.

Clothes made from organic Egyptian cotton fabric are breathable and light. It is because these lack synthetic fibers and have the natural moisture-absorbing ability. These come in handy, especially during the summer season when the temperature is at the peak. 

It is great for sensitive skin.

Organic Egyptian cotton does not contain artificial dyes or chemicals. On top of that, it does not feature heavy metals that farmers generally use while harvesting a certain crop. This makes it an exemplary choice for people with sensitive skin, especially babies. 

Since a baby’s skin is delicate, it can absorb the harmful chemicals that are found in traditional cotton clothes. Therefore, organic Egyptian cotton clothes are a must-have in your little one’s wardrobe. Moreover, you can also invest in toys made from organic cotton and give your child a safe playtime.  

You will find it to be cost-effective.

The products made from organic Egyptian cotton stand out from other fabrics in a number of aspects. They are plush to touch and super comfy. Along with that, their moisture-absorbing property also adds up to their value. In fact, if you care for them properly, these can last for decades, which makes them look less expensive over the span of time. 

You won’t find pilling on this fabric.

Pilling is the formation of lint in small bobbles of fiber that can look unpleasant and are very uncomfortable. Usually, pilling is a sign of everyday wear and tear, but it also depends on the quality of the fabric. 

In the case of organic Egyptian cotton, you won’t find any signs of wear and tear as long as you keep the fabric clean and well-maintained.

What is organic Egyptian Cotton used for?

People from all over the world use organic Egyptian cotton. You may find different things that feature this luxurious and comfortable fiber. Here are some of the products that feature organic Egyptian cotton.


There are a lot of clothing items that are made from this type of cotton. These include shirts, scarves, socks, tops, and more. Apart from that, many people are also switching to organic Egyptian cotton baby clothes that act as a great alternative for clothes featuring harmful chemicals.


You will find organic Egyptian cotton in several bedding items. These include pillowcases, quilt covers, duvet covers, and bedsheets. Additionally, organic Egyptian cotton sheets are super comfortable and change the whole vibe of a room.


If you have a baby, you will always want the best for him or her. So, while choosing the toys, make sure that they are made from this fabric. These toys will not only ensure the utmost safety of your child but will also help in reducing the carbon footprint.  

Apart from that, you can also buy other accessories like swaddle blankets, washcloths, and burp cloths that come with the blend of this fiber. Here is one of the comfiest baby Swaddle Blanket by EcoMeego featuring this type of cotton.

How to look out for the best organic Egyptian Cotton product?

Before buying a product that features organic Egyptian cotton, you need to consider a couple of things. Here are a few factors that will help you make an informed decision. 

Thread count

Organic Egyptian cotton has a thread count between 400-700 and acts as an important factor in buying considerations. Any product with a thread count below 400 might not be very comfortable. On the other hand, you must examine the authenticity of a product that has a thread count above 700.


Cotton fabric features a weave that determines the durability, softness, and feel of the product. The same goes for organic Egyptian cotton. Therefore, before buying anything made from this fabric, keep the following type of weaves in mind: sateen, twill, pinpoint, and percale. 


Clothes and other products made from this fiber usually feature a very limited color option. It is mainly because there is zero use of artificial dyes. While you may find different patterns, the color will always be neutral. Even if there is a hint of a dark shade, you can trust the product as the color is obtained from natural dyes. 

Final Words

As you are well-versed with the history and benefits of this magic fabric, it is time to make the big switch. The fibers are strong and long, which further accounts for its high thread count. Moreover, the material is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which makes it a great option while looking for eco-friendly clothing material. So, follow my advice and invest in organic Egyptian cotton products today!

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