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Palm Leaf Plates, the best eco-friendly alternative!

Palm Leaf Plates


It seems that you’ve heard about the palm leaf plates. And you are wondering what are they? And why they are the best eco-friendly alternative to the current disposable plastic and paper plates?

Let me guess first!

Now, you are reading this blog post. And this means you are eco-conscious, or you want to start adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. You might be planning to have a small gathering soon or trying to get some fresh air with your family. And you want everyone to eat without having to wash dishes or create more plastic waste.

Maybe you already know as well that you cannot use plastic plates in an oven or a microwave. You are concerned because you really care about your family’s health.

So, what is the alternative? Should you just use paper plates instead? They are so weak, and their production process is not that eco-friendly.

So, what can you do? Here comes the role of palm leaf plates. They are the best alternative to current disposable plates, and in the following few paragraphs I will tell you why.

What are palm leaf plates?

Palm Leaf Plates
Palm Leaf Plates

Palm leaf plates are eco-friendly plates made from Areca Palm Tree Leaves. They can be safely used for gatherings and for outdoor meals instead of disposable plastic plates.

They are made naturally and do not contain any chemicals. You can use them in a microwave or an oven. And you can easily composite them after use. Or you can just use them as firestarters or put them in the fireplace and they won’t release any chemicals. Yes, because they are simply dry natural leaves.

They help reducing food waste as well by collecting food leftovers. You can heat them later for dinner or a quick snack. However, because these plates are natural, they need to be stored in good condition to avoid them becoming damaged or rotten.

Before using this type of leaves to produce palm leaf plates, they were considered agro-waste and get burnt. Which wasn’t helpful to the environment. But fortunately, now people finally found a good use for these palm tree leaves.

How manufacturers make palm leaf plates?

Areca Palm Tree
Areca Palm Tree

The best part of the adoption of this eco-friendly solution is that its production process is totally natural and sustainable. The old leaves of the palm tree fall every few weeks and all that workers do is to gather those fallen leaves.

No one cuts the leaves off the palm trees, or harm them by any means! And every plate comes from a single leaf, which means that manufacturers don’t use chemicals to bind the leaves to each other in order to create a plate.

After they gather the leaves, they soak them in fresh water, then remove dirt with a soft brush. Then they leave them to dry by air. Once they are almost dry with a little moisture, workers start preparing them for the next process.

But how they can be formed in the shapes shown in the images above?

In order to create the beautiful shapes & designs we see for the palm leaf plates; manufacturers use a heated press to mold the plates in the shape variations they need. Then clean the plates and leave them to dry under the sun.

After this, workers start to finalize the process by removing any remaining dirt and dust and making sure there isn’t any moisture on the plates. Because unfortunately, moisture can grow mold on the plates. It is not plastic after all.

So after making sure plates are completely dry and clean, workers package them to be ready for shipping to the seller, and then to the eco-conscious customer, you!

These plates are more durable and stronger than the paper and styrofoam plates we see everywhere.

And by the way, Areca Palm Trees grow in tropical climates like in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. This is where rain and temperature levels are suitable for the growth of these very useful palm trees. This is an ancient process that we just found out about lately.

Why should you use palm leaf plates?

Now you know what are palm leaf plates, and how manufacturers make and prepare them for you. But why should you use them? And why you need to tell everybody about them?

Simply because, as mentioned earlier in this blog post, these plates don’t touch any chemicals, and they are totally natural. Also, you help the environment in many ways.

First, you help the environment by reducing the burning of agro-waste. And second, because you eliminate waste after using the plates by just composting them. You are helping in the fight against plastic waste that takes hundreds of years to degrade. And at the same time, you are making sure your family is not eating potentially harmful materials that contain chemicals.

Next time you prepare for a family event or gathering, you will not worry if the hot food will make plastic plates release chemicals. And you won’t be having nightmares about awful diseases like cancer and its relation to plastic use.

You can simply sleep well because you and your family are using a solution that is safe, and was made using sustainable processes that help the environment, not harm it!

If you found this post useful, I will be happy to read your thoughts below and reply to them as soon as possible. Enjoy your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

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