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Plastic Waste issue. How to solve it at home?

Plastic Waste Issue


Don’t you think that plastic waste issue is getting worse? In fact, the use of plastic is becoming a serious problem and a great risk to the environment. Because plastic is not biodegradable, and this fact has its negative effects. In the last five decades, scientific and technological advancements provided a nice number of beneficial stuff to humans. However, they also brought us plastic, which is turning into a silent killer.

Are you wondering what should we do? We need to go zero waste, which is a concept introduced by the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA). The concept simply focuses on how to be mindful of what we are consuming, because it affects how we produce waste. But why should we care?

Plastic Waste is a threat to the environment

Mostly, what makes plastic harmful to the environment is its non-degradable nature. Every piece of plastic particle that goes into the landfills or the oceans will stay there for a very long time. And when we talk about health, every human body is containing harmful chemicals, which can result in fatal diseases because of weakened immunity.

Stats show that about 300 million tons of plastic are produced around the globe annually. And about 8 million tons of this intentionally go into the ocean.

Plastic also leaks into groundwater, and this pollutes rivers and lakes as a result. Moreover, plastic is contaminating the food chain of wildlife as well, which is a significant threat. And marine life shares the same unfortunate story.

Don’t be surprised when you know that you are the one who can start freeing the environment from plastic waste. Yes, you at the household level can lead to plastic-free earth.

Plastic is surrounding us everywhere. One example is when you go to bed and when you wake up, the first thing you touch is plastic, and that is your toothbrush. What about these plastic bags on your kitchen table? I see a plastic bottle in your fridge. See? It is everywhere!

Do you need quick tips to reduce plastic waste at home?

In order to reduce plastic waste, you need to try new things and change some habits. And below I will share with you some tips to help you do so:

Plastic in The Kitchen

I know that you are aware of the fact that you have plastic in the kitchen. And I know that you are trying to change this. However, you shouldn’t through away everything you have immediately and replace it with a plastic-free alternative. This will make things worse. Just use what you have, and when these plastic items come to the end of their useful life, dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Every time you buy dishwasher liquid you are buying a plastic bottle. Try to find tablets or powder that is packaged into eco-friendly materials. Or find a place where you can refill the dishwasher liquid instead of buying more plastic bottles.

Another eco-friendly tip is to buy in bulk, instead of buying small amounts which can be cost-effective in the long run. Buy a large amount that you can use over months. This way, it’s so simple to cut down expenses and reduce plastic waste at the same time.

However, you can’t wash your dishes with dishwashers all the time. Sometimes you will need to wash them yourself. In this case, wooden dish brushes are made available by companies as a replacement for plastic brushes. They are made of wood and natural fibers, and you can replace the head when it wears out. You can also get plastic-free sponges and compost them at the end of their useful life.

I know that we all love simple solutions that make life easier, like that easy-peasy cling film. But do you know how much it contributes to pollution? Anyways, beeswax food wrap is a reusable food wrapping alternative and it is eco-friendly.

Also, you can easily replace your kitchen utensils, jars, and bowls with wooden, glass, or even metal ones. Adding to that, plastic straws take approximately 200 years to decompose. And when they get to the ocean, they dangerously affect marine life. To solve this, you can either drink directly from the glass or bottle or use stainless steel straws. You can also eliminate the use of single-use water bottles and get reusable ones.

Now, I covered some tips related to the kitchen and food. What about the bathroom and related activities?

Plastic in The Bathroom

When you’re trying to reduce your plastic waste at home, you may feel a little confused about doing this in the bathroom. It contains items with plastic material or packaging, which are difficult to stay away from. If you are creative, you can find many recipes for shampoos, soap, shaving creams, and toothpaste online. You can try them out and cut short the plastic use. But it is not feasible for some people, I understand.

However, you can reduce plastic in your bathroom with some easy changes.

Instead of using plastic toothbrushes, try bamboo toothbrushes. The handle is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo. Do you know? Believe it or not, the first toothbrush made in the 1930s might still be floating somewhere in the ocean right now. It takes around 400 years for a single toothbrush to decompose completely. The same goes for disposable razors, you can simply buy high-quality reusable ones and just replace the blades.

Solve Plastic Waste Issue at Home Today

In this blog post, I gave you a brief about how harmful is plastic waste on the environment and on us as well. But now I am putting the responsibility on you to change some habits, and eventually make your home plastic-free.

However, just don’t do this immediately. Plan the process in order to efficiently use what you have, then contact a recycling center, and send all the plastic you don’t need anymore to be recycled without harming the environment.

Changing habits is the hardest part because you can easily order eco-friendly products today. They aren’t too expensive. But getting you used to a new type of toothbrush, or replacing blades instead of just throwing away the whole razor makes you think twice.

But let me remind you about something I keep saying in this blog. It is all about what we leave for our children and grandchildren. They have the right to at least get the life that we had, not worse.

Now, let me know in the comment what is the first habit that you are going to change and what is the item that you will replace soon? Enjoy your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

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