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Portable Solar Panels. What are the best for You?

Portable Solar Panels


For the last couple of years, you may have noticed a rise in the need to go off the grid. It has, in turn, made way for the portable solar panels. These super convenient panels rely on the energy of the sun to produce electricity. It is one of the best changes that you can possibly incorporate into your lifestyle. 

The portable solar panel can be used to charge small devices and batteries. In addition to that, you can also use it as an energy supplier if you live in a recreation vehicle. Moreover, if you love being out and about, portable solar panels are truly a must-have!

Global warming is on the rise, and with this device, you will be able to contribute to a cleaner environment. Besides, you will become more independent and harness the sun’s power, even in the middle of nowhere. 

Since there are a number of portable solar panels in the market, choosing the right one can be a cumbersome task! Therefore, I have come up with this buyer’s guide, which will help you choose the best portable solar panel. But before I begin, I will talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of these portable solar panels. It will help you acknowledge your needs better and make a perfect deal. 

Is it worth investing in portable solar panels?

Before you make a purchase, it is essential to know the pros and cons of the product. It helps you make an informed decision so that after the purchase, you don’t say – Oh! I wish I knew better! 

Here are some vital advantages and disadvantages of the foldable solar panels. 


  • Convenient energy source: When you are traveling, you require a stable energy source to use different devices and gadgets. That’s exactly what a solar panel is for! You only need to set it up somewhere where the sunlight hits directly, and you are good to go. Besides, portable solar panels are also very useful when it comes to electrical issues and blackouts. 
  • Portable: One of the essential benefits of portable solar panels for camping is their portability and weight. Therefore, if you are going for a hike or camping, carrying it around won’t be troublesome. 
  • Cost-effective: Solar energy is free of cost! If you are tired of a high-electricity bill, these devices will do wonders since they rely only on sunlight. 
  • Environment-friendly: Apart from putting less pressure on your pockets, portable solar panels also contribute to the environment! They do not use harmful energy sources and help reduce the carbon footprint. Besides, if you wish to contribute more to a greener planet, you can check these eco-friendly products and solutions.
  • Easy to install: What is better than a portable solar panel that is easy to install? Well, there are different types of solar panels, depending on the model. Some of them come with a kickstand, and the others come with a foldable kit. The portable solar panel kits for camping can be kept on the top of a car. The kit provides secure storage and better handling. 
  • Zero noise: Since there are no moving parts inside portable solar panels, they do not produce any sound and are silent. Therefore, these do not disturb you or the people around you. 


  • Less output: When you compare portable solar panels to a bigger panel, the former produces less power output. Therefore, it can only power a few devices. 
  • Relies on sunlight: The most significant disadvantage of a portable solar panel is that it only works during the day. It makes it important to change the gadgets and devices right before the sun goes down. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the other day. 
  • Pricey: Portable solar panels can be quite expensive. If you want to invest in a high-quality device, you will have to spend more. Apart from that, the expense of maintenance and upgrading is also more. 

Best portable solar panels

Amazon is one of the biggest supporters of sustainability. That being said, mentioned-below are some of the best portable solar panels that can be bought to contribute to a greener planet. Take a look. 

Go Power! Portable Folding Solar Kit

This portable folding solar kit by “Go Power!” is everything you need for the most versatile battery charging options. The charging connectors allow you to interchange the accessory to suit your need. It works great if you want to trickle charge your car. In addition, this solar panel also has adjustable folding legs, which makes it easy to store or carry. 


  • It comes with multiple connectivity options.
  • You will find a heavy-duty nylon case for easy storage.
  • This solar panel produces 130 Watts of power per hour. 


  • It isn’t built strongly. 
  • The controller attracts a lot of dust and dirt. 
  • The material looks cheap. 

Rockpals Foldable Solar Panel Charger

The Rockpals foldable solar panel charger comes with different sizes of connectors. The material is made from durable Oxford cloth. Besides, the solar panel is water-resistant and endures any type of weather, be it wind or rain. You can use this solar panel for different purposes like camping, picnic, or hiking. It has a high conversion efficiency that converts up to 21.5-23.5 percent of solar power. In addition, the Rockpals solar panel has a built-in smart IC chip that maximizes a device’s charging speed.


  • It charges phones, digital cameras, tablets, etc.
  • You can fold this solar panel and take it wherever you go with ease. 
  • Its charging current is adjusted according to the sunlight level.
  • Apart from that, it can easily identify a device and charge it as per the requirements. 
  • The panel is made from high-quality Oxford cloth. 


  • This solar panel is pricey. 
  • There is nothing that supports the panels to stand tall in sunlight.

Final words

A portable solar panel is quite a great investment if you are an outdoor enthusiast. You can keep it outside the camp throughout the day to charge batteries and make the most of the power during the night. Charge your valuable equipment, and never lose touch with your friends and family with this powerful device. It can be stored away in a compact space whenever you don’t need it. If you are looking for a smaller alternative for charging your phone, you can also invest in a portable solar charger. Just like portable solar panels, a solar charger works on sunlight and comes handy whenever you are away from an electrical supply. 

I really hope that this informative guide helps you find the best portable solar panel. Keep exploring! And I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle!

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