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Should you use Organic Cotton Clothes for your baby’s skin?


All parents want the best for their children. So, here is a way to make them feel even more special – introduce them to organic cotton clothes! Well, as a mom, I know how essential organic cotton baby clothes are for your baby. So, let me throw some light on their importance by sharing my experience. 

When my first daughter was born, my sister gifted her a set of comfy onesies and a baby blanket. Trust me; it was one of the best presents that we received. The onesies and blanket featured organic cotton, and up until that time, I was unaware of its benefits. Upon researching, I found out that from farming to production, organic cotton doesn’t make use of any toxic material. Now, this means that organic cotton clothes are not only good for the baby, but they are also great for the environment.

 Moreover, the 2020 Organic Cotton Market Report revealed that the demand for organic cotton is increasing day by day. It also showed that around 222,134 farmers grow organic cotton in 19 countries in the world! How cool is that? 

Keeping this in mind, I will give all the reasons why organic cotton baby clothes are a must-have in your child’s wardrobe. Read along to know more!

How are organic cotton clothes for babies different from non-organic clothes?

Here are the major differences between organic cotton clothes and non-organic clothes. Read along!


The difference between organic cotton clothes and non-organic cotton clothes is mainly production. 100% cotton clothes feature harmful chemicals and toxins that stay in clothes and blankets throughout their life. Therefore, when your baby is wearing a cute little cotton dress, he or she is also wearing harmful chemicals! 

On the other hand, organic cotton doesn’t use harmful chemicals. While the process is a little complex, the seeds are organic. Above all, the soil is chemical-free, and there is no use of harmful substances during insect control. This is why organic cotton clothes for babies are a better choice for your little one! 

The manufacture of non-organic clothes can be harmful to people and the environment

The production and manufacturing of conventional cotton make use of Genetically Modified Organisms. Additionally, it also makes use of pesticides and insecticides that can be harmful to the people as well as mother earth. 

Conventional cotton consumes a lot of water and energy. It further destroys the quality of the soil and releases a high level of carbon dioxide, which is harmful to the environment.   

Non-organic clothes feature the use of chemicals without check

When non-organic clothes are produced, there is a use of harmful chemicals. It is included in the process of washing, dyeing, and printing as well. These have been known to cause issues with the respiratory system and trigger allergies. In addition to that, these chemicals can also be absorbed through the skin, especially in babies. 

Since non-organic clothes do not go through mandatory checks, the chemicals can end up in waterways. This water can make its way back into the lives of animals and plants.  

Introduction to GOTS certification

While various certifications claim that a product is organic, you cannot fully rely on them. It is because these certifications do not guarantee the use of organic methods from start to finish. Well, this is where GOTS comes to play.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is the leading textile production standard. It has various criteria that determine if the product is organic or not. These include farming with non-GMO seeds and without the use of fertilizers or other toxic chemicals. The soil in which organic cotton is harvest should be free of prohibited substances. Additionally, farmers should also be certified according to the standards of international organic farming. It helps keep track of the cotton source. 

Apart from that, the GOTS certification also includes the following pointers: 

– The chemicals used should meet the requirements of biodegradability.

– There should be no use of GMOs, metals, formaldehyde, or aromatic solvents,

– The product should not feature the use of chlorine bleach. 

– The company should minimize water wastage. Additionally, the wastewater should be treated. 

Once the process of making organic cotton clothes meet the GOTS criteria, the manufacturers can use this certification on their labels. 

The benefits of organic cotton baby clothes

Organic cotton clothes for babies are loaded with the goodness of nature. Other than being free from harmful pesticides, these clothes make sure that the baby’s skin stays safe. Check out all the benefits of organic cotton clothes below!

Organic cotton clothes for babies are safe for their skin

During the baby’s developing stage, it’s skin is absorbent and porous. It can absorb anything it comes in contact with. This includes harmful chemicals from the clothes that the baby wears. On the other hand, organic clothing does not involve the use of chemicals, which makes them a perfect choice for babies. It further nurtures the sensitive skin of the baby.

Since a baby’s skin is sensitive compared to the skin of adults, I suggest you shift to clothes made from organic cotton. It is soft and breathable and has all the properties of regular cotton fiber. All and all, if your baby is wearing organic cotton clothes, there are fewer chances of him or her developing skin allergies. Organic cotton keeps its natural state and is antimicrobial and mold resistant. 

Organic cotton protects the environment

Growing conventional cotton damages wildlife and plants that surround the crop. Apart from that, it uses a lot of water, which ultimately results in wastage. Conventional cotton requires the use of an excessive amount of insecticides and pesticides. These wash off to the rivers and local vegetation and pose a threat to the wildlife that drinks and eats from it. In fact, treated cotton seeds are ingested by animals, which can cause them to fall ill or even die. Also, to protect the water supplies, it is prohibited to use hazardous chemicals to treat the wastewater. 

However, when I talk about organic cotton, it is better for both environment and wildlife. The farmers do not use chemicals and recycle rainwater so that they do not waste even a drop of water. Additionally, they use organic substances to nurture the soil, which makes it fertile for a long period of time. 

Clothes made from organic cotton are beneficial for farmers

Not only organic cotton is the best option for your baby’s health, but it is also super beneficial for the farmers. Here’s how. 

Organic cotton farming does not support the use of toxic pesticides. Therefore, they enjoy better health. Moreover, these farmers do not use genetically modified cotton seeds. Instead, they use saved seed year after year sustainably. Organic farming allows farmers to grow other crops alongside cotton. It is another stable source of income and an abundant food supply throughout the year.

The quality of organic cotton clothes is far more superior

Organic cotton is safer for infants since it does not contain any type of insecticide, pesticide, and herbicide. Moreover, these grow naturally without disturbing the nutrients of the soil, making it great for the environment. 

Now, talking about the quality of organic cotton, it is superior to the rest. In addition, it can retain its natural state and is smooth to touch. These help the baby feel comfortable and avoid any type of skin allergies. 

Organic cotton clothes are cost-effective

Apart from considering environmental-friendly measures, organic cotton clothes are both sustainable and durable. You can use these clothes for quite a long period of time, which ultimately makes them cost-effective. So, if you are looking for an affordable alternative for your child, organic cotton clothes will go a long way. 

Final thoughts

Organic cotton clothes are a must-have in your baby’s closet. These do not feature any harmful product (dyes and bleach) while making that can irritate the baby’s skin. Moreover, the practice of organic farming doesn’t support the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. This, in turn, make the process even better for the environment! Well, an ideal win-win situation for babies and the planet! 

If you want to buy the best organic cotton products for your little bean, EcoMeego is the right choice. At EcoMeego, you can find some of the most amazing products that come under the GOTS certification. You can use Sherpa WashCloths which are super-gentle for everyday use. Apart from that, you can also buy Organic Baby Burp Cloth. So, what are you waiting for?

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