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Solar Outdoor Lights. Why do you need one today?

Solar Outdoor Lights


With the betterment in technology, you will find various products that use solar energy to work. Well, given that solar energy is the new breakthrough in technology, you can easily incorporate it into your day-to-day life. One of these products is solar outdoor lights.

Solar outdoor lights are usually installed outside the house and use solar energy to produce electricity. You can install them in the yard, lawn, or around your house to illuminate even the darkest corners at night.

What is even better is that some solar outdoor lights have an in-built motion sensor. It sensors any movement and thus keeps your house safe from intruders. Apart from that, these come with various benefits and ensure that you help the planet in the best way possible.

In this guide, I will help you choose the best solar outdoor night light for your home. Read along to know more.

Advantages of solar outdoor lights with motion sensors

Now that you know what solar outdoor lights are let’s take a look at some of the benefits!

Motion sensor

First, let us talk about the most important feature – the motion sensor.

Motion sensors in solar outdoor lights catch a movement as soon as they sense them. Since these turn on as soon as they sense somebody, you can easily keep the trespassers away! It also averts the battery from draining, as solar outdoor lights with motion do not stay on throughout the night. No matter if it is your parking lot or your garden, you can easily keep your family safe by installing solar outdoor lights with a motion sensor.


Solar outdoor lights play a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint, which is a major contributor to global warming. The increase in carbon footprint is due to the exhaustion of non-renewable energy sources. Therefore, when you use solar outdoor lights, you ultimately utilize a renewable energy source – the sunlight! It helps slow down the rate of problems which can be caused by the exhaustion of our planet’s resources.


One of the most appreciable benefits of using solar outdoor lights is cost-effectiveness. You may feel that these are expensive when you buy them at first. However, the moment you see a decrease in your electricity bill, you will realize that these lights pay for themselves over time.

Little maintenance

Solar outdoor lights are very easy to maintain. These require a few check-ups through-out the year. Besides, cleaning them is also simple, and that is what it takes to keep your lights working perfectly well for a long time.

Unlimited energy

As long as you have installed solar outdoor lights in a place where you get enough sunlight, you do not have to worry! Since these work on solar energy, which is itself inexhaustible, you will have unlimited light outside your house. Make use of it the moment it gets dark outside and make your house a cozy little haven!


You will find a variety of solar outdoor lights, depending on your style and needs. These come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can install them in a particular place that you wish to keep illuminated at night.

Here are a few options you can go for:

  • Path lights: Path lights help to illuminate the walkway in a garden or lawn. Fix them from a certain distance from each other since they have tiny solar panels on top of each other.
  • Garden lights: Usually, garden lights are less bright when you compare them to path lights. They are used mainly for decoration purposes.
  • Hanging solar outdoor lights: During long power outages, hanging solar outdoor lights come in handy. These are simple to install and can be rearranged whenever you need them to light a particular area. During parties or small gatherings, you can hang them on the branches of a tree and give a nice touch to your outdoor space.
  • Solar outdoor yard lights: To ensure that your backyard remains illuminated throughout the night, you can install these on your property.
  • Wall lamps: For those who are looking for solar outdoor lights to increase security around their house, wall lamps are the best option.

How to choose the best solar outdoor lights?

There are various benefits of installing solar outdoor lights. However, with that comes a significant deal of responsibility to choose the best amongst the different options available in the market. To make the process a little easy-peasy for you to decide, I have come up with a perfect buying guide!


Are you looking for solar outdoor lights to keep the trespassers at bay? Well, with the motion-sensor feature, you can make sure that your property and family remain safe from thefts or burglaries. It detects motion with ease and turns on or brighter according to the settings. Once you notice the change in the light, you can easily call for help and catch the trespasser red-handed!


To make sure that your lights function smoothly without any hindrance, it is important to check the functionality of the battery. You will have to check how much time it takes for the battery to charge completely. Besides, you must also take note of the amount of time it will last before draining out. Most of the batteries last between four to six hours.


The adjustment setting on a solar outdoor light helps to increase or decrease the brightness as required. Some solar outdoor lights also come with remote control, which makes it easy to adjust different settings. Besides, you must look for the one which has an auto on/off feature. It will turn on and turn off at dusk or dawn, respectively, on its own. Thus, saving you from a ton of headaches!


Choosing the best solar outdoor light often comes down to the amount of illumination you require. You can get them with a lighting range of two to ten feet. Moreover, if you want to make your premises more secure, it is always advisable to install solar lights in close proximity to each other.


The cost of solar outdoor lights depends on the size of the LED bulbs, along with the quality of the photovoltaic cells. With lights that offer more brightness, you will have to invest in big LED bulbs and high-quality cells. Eventually, you will have to spend a little more. However, once you install these lights, you will find out that they are quite cost-effective.


If you are looking for warm light, you must go for a solar light that has a yellow hue. However, if you want a soothing light for your outdoor space, you can always opt for white light.

Best Solar Outdoor Light | Review

So, if you have made it to this section, congratulations! Here, I shall be talking about one of my favorite solar outdoor lights. Well, you can surely think of it as a product recommendation because I personally find it the best quality solar outdoor light!

The Aootek Solar Motion Sensor Lights is an LED-based outdoor light. It comes with a 15.3 inches solar sensor, which makes it one of the best choices in the market.

With different operational lighting modes, you can install it to perform various functions at the click of a button. In the first mode, there is a motion sensor that turns the light as soon as it senses someone in proximity. It is known as the security monitoring mode.

In the second mode, you can keep the light on throughout the night. However, it turns bright as soon as it senses any motion. It can detect anyone within the proximity of twenty-six feet.

In addition to that, this solar outdoor light comes with a 2200 mAH rechargeable battery, which makes it quite functional. You can install it in the garden, on the walls, on the porch, or your parking lot since the light is ideal for nighttime security.


  • It comes in a pack of 3.7 watts LED lights.
  • The solar panels are 15.3 inches long.
  • This solar outdoor light features different functions according to the requirement.
  • It can cover twenty-six feet distance with ease.
  • With an intelligent motion sensor, you can always rely on this light for optimum security.


  • It doesn’t come with a warranty.


Solar outdoor light with a motion sensor has become increasingly popular since they provide multiple benefits. Besides being cost-effective, these lights play a significant role in decreasing the harmful effects of global warming. Well, if you are looking for an efficient solar outdoor light, I hope this buying guide comes to your rescue!

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