Why Organic Nuts Are Better?


Over the last few years, the tendency of buying organic products is on the rise. It has, in turn, increased organic farming practices. This is the reason why you may have come across different food items labeled organic in stores. These products also include organic nuts.

And if you are thinking about switching to organic nuts from regular nuts, you won’t regret it!

If you compare organic nuts with regular nuts, the former is much healthier for consumption. It is mainly because farmers grow regular nuts using chemicals that can be dangerous to consume. On the other hand, organic nuts do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Well, there are many other differences that you will read moving forward.

Therefore, in this blog, I shall talk about why organic nuts are better. Besides, I will also suggest a few products that are a must-have in your kitchen. Let’s dive in!

Difference between regular nuts and organic nuts

The main difference that separates regular and organic nuts is the way farmers grow and harvest them.

While growing regular nuts, farmers use man-made chemicals that include synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Both substances are equally harmful to humans as well as the environment.

Nowadays, there are different types of nuts available in the market. These include almonds, cashews, and pistachios. Each of these nuts is then preserved using specific chemicals.

The chemicals used to treat them are as follows:

Almonds: Since almonds have a high amount of oil, they absorb pesticides easily. Apart from that, they also undergo pasteurization before the farmers shift them to the market.

Cashews: To treat cashews, farmers use endosulfan, a chemical toxic to both animals and humans. Moreover, farmers heat the regular cashews before they sell them in the market. Therefore, if you think about it, these cashews are not raw.

Pistachios: Usually, farmers use phosmet to treat pistachios. This chemical has the potential to cause carcinoma and liver tumors.

If I talk about the organically grown nuts, the farmers keep them away from chemicals and fertilizers. Most of which have an adverse effect on human health.

Farmers grow regular nuts on large farms

Most of the time, regular nuts are produced in mass, which requires the use of larger areas. It encourages the use of certain sprays that helps farmers produce their crop in bulk. Moreover, it also helps them produce the crop rapidly so that they can sell it in the market promptly.

While producing the crop on a large scale, controlling the pests can be challenging. Therefore, farmers use pesticides to deal with these pesky pests. This, in turn, can seep into the crop and cause problems.

Regular nuts do not follow the National Organic Standards

There are various guidelines by the National Organic Standards. If any crop has to be grown organically, the farmers have to obey these guidelines. It does not allow the use of man-made chemicals. Moreover, a farmer cannot grow crops on the land that has had chemicals applied to it.

Benefits of organic nuts

Nuts are an essential part of the human diet. You can add them to your breakfast and make it more exciting. Besides, you can also munch on them whenever you feel like without worrying about your calorie intake. That’s true.

However, you need to be watchful of the products that you are consuming. If the nuts that you consume are produced using chemicals, then you are in trouble! Well, there is an alternative – organic nuts. Read along to know the benefits.

Organic nuts are cholesterol-free and contain unsaturated fats. Not only that, but they are rich in nutrients like magnesium and vitamin E. Almonds that are grown organically are high in potassium, iron, and calcium. Apart from that, organic cashews provide essential minerals like iron, zinc, and copper. Just a handful of them can help you ease the deficiency of the mentioned minerals.

If you are looking for an ideal food item that can help to protect you from various diseases and deficiencies, I’d suggest you buy organic nuts. These undergo a stringent quality check and are certified by different agencies. You can buy different types of organic nuts and mix them together to make the most of a healthy snack.

In addition to being beneficial for humans, it also contributes to a greener planet. Here are some of the ways you can also contribute to reducing the effects of global warming.

Best organic nuts to buy

Now that you know the advantages of organic nuts, here are a few products that I highly recommend! You can buy them from Braga Organic Farms.

If you ask me about their specialty, I will run out of words, literally! Well, to keep it short, the farmers at Braga Organic Farms grow organic nuts on personal property. They do not use any injurious chemicals or pesticides and encourage people to buy organic products.

The products available on the website are certified by California Certified Organic Farmers. Moreover, if your order is over $99, you get a FREE SHIPPING! Isn’t that amazing?

It’s time to take a look at the different products that you can and SHOULD buy!

1) Organic almonds

The history of almonds dates back to ancient civilization. It was a staple food of nomads and helped them complete long journeys. These have successfully maintained their significance throughout the decades.

Almonds are full of fiber, healthy fats, protein, and vitamin E. And do you know what is better than that? Organic almonds! Not only do these nuts help in reducing the blood sugar level, but they also lower blood pressure.

Apart from that, these reduce hunger and help a person lose weight. Therefore, including organic almonds in your diet has various benefits!

2) Organic cashews

Initially, cashews were discovered by the Europeans. However, people did not like eating them due to their shells. After some time, they realized that the seed underneath the shell was very tasty. They began to roast the nuts to get the shell off.

While there are different benefits of cashews, they increase two-fold if they are organic.

Organic cashews contain unsaturated fat that lowers the risk of heart disease. Moreover, cashews are low in sugar and are a high source of protein and fiber. Additionally, they also contain copper, which is super essential for a strong immune system.

3) Organic pistachios

Often considered a royal nut, pistachios were first found in the Middle East. These are one of the oldest flowering nuts. Due to their impeccable taste, the popularity of pistachios soon spread to the Mediterranean.

They were found in the U.S. in 1880. However, now they are one of the most preferred ingredients in different snacks.

There are various benefits of organic pistachios. They contain a high level of protein and are the perfect mid-day snack. In addition to that, pistachios also contain various antioxidants. These antioxidants include beta-carotene, lutein, and gamma-tocopherol and lower the level of bad cholesterol.


There are various people who prefer buying stuff that is produced organically. It includes organic food, organic nuts, organic cosmetics, and much more.

These products are produced, keeping the standards of organic farming in mind. These standards feature practices that conserve biodiversity and promote ecological balance.

Talking about organic nuts, farmers produce them obeying these standards. Moreover, the consumption of organic nuts helps a person become more healthy. You can enjoy a tasty snack without worrying about the adverse effects on the planet or your health.

I hope this blog helps you choose the right kind of food for you and your family! Let’s pledge to contribute to making the earth a much better place and enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. And I will be happy to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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